F3 Foot Measurement Device

Since 2005, we perform research related to the measurement of human feet, the design of footwear and the characterization of the mechanical properties of shoes. Also the development of measuring software is one of our services.

Our first generation of devices for foot measurement was developed in 2007 in collaboration with the Technical University of Chemnitz. Since then our devices are used in the selection of various types of shoes. Our latest generation of measuring devices is the F3 series, which is available as stationary and mobile version.

The F3 base primarily has been developed for stationary use in shoe shops. Because of its compact design without any moving parts it optimally can be integrated into the store design. It is easy to clean, reliable in various ambient light conditions and provides quick and robust measurement.

Relevant fitting parameters such as the foot length and width or the corresponding shoe size, are measured separately for both feet. As standard interface a USB port is used, optional it can also be operated via Wi-Fi or LAN connection. The measurement results and user recommendations can be made visible on a variety of devices, such as touch screens or tablets or smart phones.

The F3 move is the portable version of our latest device generation. It comes with a lower weight and a smaller size than the F3 base.

Different to the stationary version, the lighting unit of the device is located above the glass plate. The lighting unit can be folded away, so cleaning still is quick and easy. The very low step height makes the measurements safe and comfortable.

The blue light indicates “ready for the next measurement”. Depending on customer’s request, the color design of the lighting and the housing can be varied.


 Technical Data


F3 Move

F3 Base

SIZE (w/d/h) in mm

520 x 460 x 252

520 x 500 x 320

WEIGHT in kg



MAX. LOAD in kg





USB 2.0, WiFi, LAN


18 to 48

DURATION of Measurement

1 sec. image recording

2 sec. calculation